PC Sync software, a waste of time, and money.... 
Saturday, January 27, 2007, 01:26 AM
As the subject says, it's a waste of time and money as far as I'm concerned. I went back and forth with the LG company trying to get some answwers and help with the PC Sync software they sell on their site. I bought it less than a year ago, and didn't use it for a while, do to medical problems and such more important. When I started using it I first found out that my software license / registration was no longer valid. I was having a problem getting it to work with the Image Editor, and connecting to my phone. So I tried emailing them, a couple times, and finally got a responce to call their 800 number, which I did. When I called their 800 number I was instructed to go to a website for Susteen (http://www.susteen.com) to look up technical support on their sight for LG's software. Only when I went to the website, entered PC Sync in to the search box, I got a notification from Susteen telling me that I was in the wrong place, that LG didn't contract with Susteen to provide Technical support, so I needed to go back to LG and get it from them.Or, have LG contact Susteen and setup a contract for technical support for the PC Sync software. So I call LG's 800 number, am directed to their 800 Technical support number, and am told by a tech there that they are not authorized to provide support for the PC Sync software!!! Un-real, but oh so true. Yet, you can still purchase the PC Sync software from LG's website, which is what I was told I'd have to do in the end. WHY ? Why the hell would I want to buy the same damn software from this so called "Company" LG if they have no technical support, leta lone any software updates, and wouldn't work for my phone even though it said it did? Am I missing something here? I won't buy their software again, they make no offer for a refund for something that doesn't work as it's suppose to, have no Technical suuport for it, and I can't figure out why they still sell it on their website! Oh, did I forget to mention, I HAVE AN LG PHONE ! ! ! ! Their own damn phone, their software, they don't work together as stated, and this is suppose to be Life is Good, LG? Not a chance in hell. I'll go to every place I can and let the truth be known that's what I will do. Never again buy and LG phone, let alone anything else sold by LG. That's a promise, and then, only then, life will be good.

Sunday, January 7, 2007, 05:54 PM
Can't think of a "subject" and don't know if one is really needed, since I really don't talk about any one thing in particular most of the time.
Mornings are nothing more than pure torture at this time. WhenI wake up in bed, allseems well, until I go to move to get ou t of bed. It's then that all hell breaks lose on me. It's like the Fentanyl patch stopped working for some reason. It isn't until after I take a Darvocet, Cyclobenzaprine and stomach pill, some coffee, and an hour or 2 before I can actually move. Just 3 days to doctor visit and I have little hope that anything is going to happen to make this any better. I think I'd rather be on the methadone, hydramorphone combination over this patch. At least thenI could take a booster when needed, and slack off when not needed as much. As of now, the Darvocets aren't doing a damn thing for the pain in my back and neck. I think the Darvocets are only helping with the arthritis in my hands, and the ankle pain. I don't know, I'm just way off the normal scale at the time, and need to get things back on an even keel, so I can get back to day to day routimes, along with the physical therapy.
What I'd really like to do about now is play a good game, something I haven't done in a long long time.

it simply sux today 
Sunday, January 7, 2007, 12:05 AM
Here it is, just 4 days from going to the doc, and I feel like all hell has broken loose on my body. I don't know what the deal is, but I can tell you it is just to much. I feel like grabbing another Fentanyl patch and sticking it on along with the one I have on already. From the base of my neck to the end of my shoulders down to my hips and then it's like a drop off to my ankles. With the exception of my knees, for whatever reason, if it moves, it hurts, real real bad. Sitting here is not an enjoyable thing at the moment. Sleep has been hell for the past few nights. I keep waking up trying to snap my damn fingers cause they hurt. I've only got about 2 or 3 darvocets left until Monday, if they arrive by then. But even they don't seem to be doing a hell of a lot for me right now. I took one a little bit ago, am going to go have a smoke, then take one more and hope it's enough to knock the pain down a notch or two. It's all I have to hope for in the way of relief right now. Wish upon wishes that I had some of the morphene pills I was taking along with the patch and Darvocets. Oh man would that be an awesome thing right about now. Just 1 pill, that's all, just 1 to knock things down a couple notches and I'd be ok for a while. Times up for now, can't sit here.

Another year come and gone... 
Wednesday, December 27, 2006, 03:19 AM
Why is it we always think of those we miss the most on Holidats like Christmas, and such? Obviously we miss them, no doubt there, but it seems to be more... deep, heart-felt, and I guess depressing ina way. I miss my mom more than anything when it comes to Christmas and the family get togethers. She was the heart and soul of our family. When mom died a part of me went with her, and our family hasn't been the same since either. I'm not sure if it's because dad married another in what some say was a very short time, or what, but it seemed to make things more difficult for the family when he did. I am very happy for him and believe it was what mom would have wanted, for him to not be alone after she was gone. But, even though she's a really great person, and loves my day and takes great care of him, it's hard for some in the family to still accept her as a "mom" figure. It's hard to describe really, but its different. And even though we all try to make the holidays as fun and enjoyable as possible for all, something always comes up at some point to screw it up even in the smallest of ways, intentional or not.
I'm always thinking of mom, and wish that she was around long enough to see my daughters grow, and turn in to young ladies. And I wish she could see, meet and know my sweetheart, Cheryl, my wife. I know they'd get along together all so well, and have some great times together. More than anything I want my mom to see and know how happy we are togther, love and cherish one another. Some say that she can, that she's looking down upon us every day, every minute, and I so hope that she can and is. The 4 most wonderful ladies in my life, make me the most richest, happiest man in the world, my wife, my 2 daughters, and my mom. They have given me the most precious gift of all, the gift of love, caring, understanding, joy and happiness, the joy of tears and laughter, the joy of life in all its splendour. Something I am thankful for every day I awake. God I love them all so so very much and will always have them in my heart and soul for eternity.

Those were, and still are, the days! 
Thursday, December 7, 2006, 03:52 PM
Just got in touch with an old friend I was stationed with in the Marines in Okinowa, grand ol Camp Hansen. Damn those were the days, they almost seem like yesterday I remember them so well, yet, that was back in 1976-77, 30 years ago!
But, we had some really great people back then, real brothers in the Corp, in some ways, better than blood brothers. We worked hard and played hard, but no matter what, we did it together. There's no time I spent in the Marines that I regret, and no people that I don't remember and respect. I wish that there was a way to travel back in time, literally, just to see the people I used to know, and enjoy life once again, as we did then. But, since this is the Holiday Season, like every year, that's the same thing I think every year at about this time. I do ish them all a most joyous Holiday Season, the them, their families, and loved ones, across the nation.
Where ever you are, and what ever you're doing, Semper Fi, and the best to you and yours, Happy Holidays my friends, brothers and comrades, Happy Holidays.

Cpl Starr
Commo Plt, Long Lines Co.
7th Communications BN
3rd Marine Division, USMC

Camp Hansen, Okinowa, Japan

The Impossible we do immediately,
Miracles may take us a day longer.

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