Another day gone by... 
Monday, May 1, 2006, 03:48 AM
Well another week is gone and another week has begun. So far today I've managed to catch two (2) moles in the back by the garden. This brings my total to three (3) overall. I have tried 2 kinds of traps, the spike trap and the Loop trap. I haven't gotten anything but dirt with the spike trap, and think it's pretty much useless. But the loop trap, now there's a real success story there. I highly recommend to anyone having moles in their yard to use that one for sure. I've gotten 3 out of 3 with it.
I'm still working on my web pages. Have the main page, the Contact page and my Biography pages done somewhat. The one I feel that is most important, and of course more difficult, is my Pink Floyd pages. One of my daughter's think I should use frames, the other isn't fond of frames. Personally, for this page specifically, it might be better off using frames. There's a lot of content for it, from photos, music in various forms, and other stuff, I think frames might do the job better. Time will tell I suppose.
Well, tonight is our last night of smoking. The wife and I are going to quit as of tomorrow morning. Tonight before going to bed, we have our last cigarette and put on the patch. I'm hoping there's not going to be any real difficulties indoing so, but after smoking for 30 plus years, I expect there'll be some difficult days along the way. But I figure if I can go without smoking in the hospital wearing the patch, I gotta be able to do it at home as well. I do believe that it's going to take a positive attitude along with true dedication and determination, but all things are possible in my opinion. So shall this be. More on this topic tomorrow!.

Website update / changes 
Monday, April 24, 2006, 12:45 AM
Well I just updated my website, which includes this page as well. Still can't decide on a specific style, scheme or theme to use. So I just modified the webpages I had up, removed some and updated others. Still have to work on the Pink Floyd stuff. That'll be the longest job there in itself. :)
My daughter said I need to use frames, well, I aint to sure about that. I can't find any layout I really like and thy aren't the easiest, though I've done them before. I don't like using HTML programs like Frontpage or anything like that, so I usually use just Notepad still. Though I will use Frontpage once in a while to view the source and preview at the same time.
It's been a really shitty day today weather wise. Has done nothing but rain and be cold and gloomy from the get go this morning. After having sunshine and warm weather for the past week or 2, and it's just the begining of Spring, I'm kind of spoiled by the warmer weather. Besides, this kind of weather is pure hell on the bones. Oh well, such is like I suppose.....

First blog. 
Friday, April 21, 2006, 02:58 AM
:) What a day indeed....

We lost our 2 big 60 plus feet pine trees in the backyard, but gained a whole new look, and then some. The birds and squirrels will have to adjust a little bit, but seemed to start off with no problem. Tomorrow morning will be the big tell all.

Had our monthly American Legion meeting tonight, was time to elect new officers for our post and I was re-elected the Post service Officer again. But we have a new Commander and a new Financial Officer and a new Chaplain too. Other than that, not much else happened.

It's getting late, and I'm getting tired, but had to try out the blog and see how it works. Hope it works and isn't to hard to understand. But for now, I think I'll have to stop here, as I said, I'm tired and need to call it a night.