Religous beliefs 
Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 01:37 AM
Most people have a religion that they believe in, some more so than others and there are those that don't believe in any religion at all. But all should agree on one important thing, that we all have the right to believe in what we choose to believe in, regardless of what other's may or may not believe in or agree with.
In that, no one should ever speak down about another's religion or religous beliefs. It's a right of mankind, not just some people over others. Religion is a faith, a belief in something greater than mankind itself, and for some it's more than just a belief, but a way of life. Many eople, regardless of the religion, live their life according to their religous beliefs, day to day, and they believe that their religion is sacred. As it should be, for all, and for all religions, no matter what others may think. We must respect each other as we expect the same from them.
Whether we believe in a God, Prophet, or any spiritual being, we should respect those people that worship them, and how they go about doing so. If we are true believers in our higher authority, we would know that this is what they would say to us, and have said to us, both past and present. No religous leader, regardless of their authority or place in the lineage of religions, should ever disrespect another, no matter what the reason or cause. In doing so they not only disrespect that religion, but they disrespect a race of people, their families, and forefathers throughout the history of that religion, as well as their own. How do you change that? How can you change that? Why would a person want to do something like that in the first place? It's like opening the gates of hell upon mankind to do with us as it chooses. It's condeming other's to suffer needlessly for the action caused by one person, someone in a higher religous position that other's would normally go to for guidance and forgiveness. It's a shame, a total shame that one person can cause such chaos with so little effort.

It's a shame but it's true..... 
Saturday, September 2, 2006, 03:30 AM
The US has gone downhill in the same time period that technology has advanced. In watching a program tonight on TV about the schools inAmerica, it is a shame that our kids have to attend them. There are very few schools that really give a damn about the kids learning anything, even how to simply read a book. It'shard to believe that so many parents out there right now have no idea on how to read, write, or understand most of what they see and do from day to day. Their own parents no more and can do more than many of them and they didn't have the advanced technology, or even the means of getting an education as their children.
I don't blame the schools alone for thisproblem, I blame the parents of the children that are failing to learn, as well as the teachers that consistanly fail to teach those same children and more from year to year. Our school age children are so far behind so many other 3rd world countries it isn't funny. Places you'd never imagine that could have an educational system in the first place, put our own children to shame. They know more about our history, and many other countries, than our own children. Our shool system is so screwed up it isn't funny. All the teachers give a damn about is money and benefits, and not about really teaching. So much so, I bet more than half the teachers in the schools today couldn't pass their own tests on the subject matter they are suppose to teach.
We are so far behind other countries that it'll take more than a decade to catch up to just some of the others. When teachers started giving up control of their classroom's to the kids, and allowed parents to control how thier kids were to be treated for misbehavior, because they didn't have the intelligence to punish their child for doing something wrong, that's when our schools started to fail our children. When the government stated they would not let any child be left behind when it comes to an education, that's when they failed to act and follow through on their promises, and again failed ourchildren.
I wonder if our children will ever get the education they so badly need, have a right to, and deserve.

just another day... 
Saturday, August 26, 2006, 03:20 AM
Well another day has come and gone, and life goes on as it always does. No matter what we do, no matter where we go, life goes on, as it always does. It's what we do and where we do it in the time we have that makes any difference in life each day. We can either go to bed feeling good for what we've done, or haven't done, said or haven't said, or we can go to bed wishing we would have done or said things different, and wonder what it would have changed or accomplished if we did it different. I try to go to bed every night feeling good for what I've accomplished each day and not worry about how it may be different if I would have done things different, because I do the best Ican, with what I have. And somedays I just don't do anything at all, and go to bed feeling good about that also, because we can only do so much and need to take time to sit back and look at life around us, and see what's going on, to see what life is has in store for us. Though, life doesn't always let us know what it has in store for us, no matter how hard we look and try to control it. As the saying goes.... sometimes, lifes a bitch! Every morning I wake up and can't even hold on to a cup of coffee because my hands hurt so fricking bad it isn't funny, and my body feel slike it's been hit by a truck, and can barely get my pills in the spliiter so I can take them, I think just that, lies a real bitch. Then I have my coffee, and think of what I want to do that day, what needs to be done first, and life just goes on......

While I'm at it... 
Monday, August 21, 2006, 02:41 AM
Since I'm bitching I might as well go all the way.
So what's the deal with israel? What gives them the right to continue to bomb during this so called "truce?" Because they think that it's the right thing to do? And why the hell is the US backing their actions? I mean the last I knew, a truce is a truce, no matter what. You don't continue to bomb and kill other's because you think they are trying to help the so called enemy. If you don't have cold, hard facts, and proof that your enemy is still preparing and waging war against you, you don't just go start bombing them all over again. You then becaome the one breakung the truce, and deserve to be punished for it, not the other side. If that were the case, we'd still be waging war against China, Russia, North Korea, Japan and god knows who else. There's be no end to the cold war for damn sure.
The US needs to start taking care of their own people, states and cities that really need the help and suport before we spend a damn penny overseas anywhere. We have enough problems of our own to take care of before we can feel obliged to help out other countries that can't control their own inner problems. We have enough poor, homeless, and dying citizens, and veterans, that we owe a debt to, long before we need to go help out others. If we don't take care of our own, what good are we to take care of others in other countries? Hell, because of our own stupidity half the countries we supposedly provide aid for hate us as it is. So why are we even there? We need a president, and a government, local and federal, that really gives a damn about our own people and is willing to care for our own before putting others first in line, that's what we really need. A real "made in America, for America" attitude and goal.

Here we go again... 
Monday, August 21, 2006, 02:23 AM
If it wasn't for the VA, I admit, I wouldn't be here today more than likely. But, it seems that I am getting back in to the same rut I was going through a while back, not getting my medication on time. For some reason it's up to me to call my doctor and let them know when it's time to refill my pain medication. Which I do, 10 days in advance as requested, but once again it seems they get to damn busy to check their phone messages, or just forget to submit the damn refill. I went through all this shit about a year ago, and went through a good 6 months of getting my medication late beacuae the doctor, or Physicians Assistant, was to damn busy doing other things to check their phone messages, even though they tell you every damn time to call them.This is a bunch of shit. Yet, if I call more than once, it appears as of I'm being pushy or a pain in tha ass, when all I'm trying to do is ensure I get my medication on time. I bet they'd be making damn sure themselves that they'd get thier medication on time if they were a patient as me, and others. No question about it. But turn the table as it is, and the patient becomes nothing but annoying or bitchy.
And here the VA Medical system is suppose to be one of the best in the country. I would normally agree and have nothing but praise for the medical personnel. But it seems that things are changing a bit to fast and the budget cuts are getting to be to much, for "Quality Care" to even be considered. I have been going to the VA for medical treatment for over 15 years now, and I can't believe that there's been any improvement. Not when it's the patients responsibility to make their own appointments, be required to call and request their medications be sent every month, and everything else. Where's the automation for a quicker and more reliable service, the quality care, not to mention the patient and doctor relationship. Must be somewhere else, because as of late, it sure as hell isn't in the VA medical treatment and support area.

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